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Monday, 21 March 2011

Greed Photoshoot

Another Horse Bazaar idea (with only two weeks to go!) is to use 'the body' in an intrusive and revoluting photographic collage. I chose to photograph an activity which is essentially instinctive and animalistic: eating. My model (who, understandably, wishes to remain anonymous!) did a great job of capturing that disgustingly raw, bodily animal which is inside us all. Although the photos do take on a slightly comical edge, I think that on the big screen they will mostly protray the power of human physicality, and hopefully will have a similar affect on viewers as Hesse's sculptures had on Michael Fried.

In terms of editing, I am planning on creating a collage, as explored previously in this blog. Cropping the model out of the background and lining up a series of cropped photographs side by side - perhaps even overlapping them and making them semi-transperant, resulting in a meaty mess.

Photoshop editing will overlap the images to further abstract the subject

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