Note to PHO2008 & DIS2601

siology is a collection of thoughts, inspirations and creative processes which have contributed to my practice in first, second, and now third year studying photomedia and art.

Monday, 14 May 2012


The books are hardcover, are stacked neatly on white shelves. The prints are large and neatly hung, because for some absurd reason art is only taken seriously once it has been elevated on a plinth. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Final image

As discussed, the final page of my book will be a disruptive image which is a little obscured from the other images but still fits the overall concept of an empty shell. I've scoured the suburbs for 'the house', and this is it. At first I thought the graffiti, fencing and general tumbledownness of the house may be a problem, as I was originally intending to make a critique of the 'perfect' american dream style suburban home which is essentially soulless, despite its material charms. However I took a good look at the other images, especially the eggs, in my book. I realised they are not just fragile and empty, but also literally broken. So i felt the house I chose for the final image should also have an element of broken physicality about it, while still remotely resembling something that used to be whole and 'perfect'.

Assorted Empty Shells: The book!

I've finished and ordered 4 identical copies of my book!! The first draft was delivered a week ago and I was mostly happy with it, but decided it was a bit magaziney so I've chosen to print the final 4 with hardcovers and with the title on the spine as well as the front. Minimal adjustments were made to the pictures themselves, and mostly because the JPG file format (required by - annoying) flattened a lot of the brighter colours and the paper darkened some images too much. Fingers crossed the edited books will fix these problems - we'll find out in 2 weeks when they arrive!!