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Sunday, 21 August 2011


Final video piece for digital audio/video project

An exploration of social pressures and expectation, freedom and self realisation.
Special thanks to Kate Haysom and my other helpers/support!

audio track by Frou Frou

I'm really pleased with the final result, considering the tiny time I had to make it in and even tinier experience with video art. If I were to refine this piece I would probably re-shoot (on the unlikely chance that Kate would re-volunteer!) with a lot more care and attention devoted to technical aspects of filming. Art direction was super tricky - keeping my backstage helpers out of the frame so that thepackage would appear to 'unwrap itself' - but with a second try I think we could simplify the camera angles down to just a stationary long shot and a mid-close up on hands/face. Also perhaps eliminating or changing the audio would heighten tension and really set a mood reminiscent of the internal struggle involved in personal growth/insight. Nonetheless I think the Frou Frou track does bring a level of positivity to the piece, which was my intention. I want the video to be fun, and encourage truth and freedom, which I believe the song 'Let  Go' really preaches: however it may be too literal - perhaps a pure instrumental piece would better create a subtler mood & meaning?

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