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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Project 1 finals

I'm going to print these a little bigger than A3, at 12" x 18" on gloss. The reason for the gloss is to mimic the shine on the original photos held my the models, I want to replicate that original asthetic (without resorting to the nostalgia of 'retro' stylising), Irena Werning style.
The order will go from Grandma, to Mum, to Me. I considered displaying them vertically (like below) to imply a family tree format, but this symbolism would perhaps be a little obvious and I'm so pleased with the identical complosition of the three shots that I'd really like to bring this out by lining them up horizontally - when I do all the models heads, shou;lders and hands line up beautifully!

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