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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Chunky Move

Assembly 2011

Went to see the world premiere of Gideon Obarzanek's final work with Chunky Move. I'll let him do the talking! (it was brilliant, hypnotising)

Another work by Chunky Move, Glow, works with projection onto the body.
I like the idea of projecting light and images from society/pop culture onto the body, as a representation of the effect environment has on us from childhood. Though 'Glow' only uses white light, the effect of projection mapping would be perfect for such a project.
A more amateur approach for projecting onto a stationary body (i don't intend to dance!) would be to use a projector with a body shape cut out placed over the light - just from cardboard or something simple, to block all of the image except that which projects onto the body. it'd be fiddly but might work!

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