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siology is a collection of thoughts, inspirations and creative processes which have contributed to my practice in first, second, and now third year studying photomedia and art.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Memory and Familiarity

These are a selection of stills from the footage I've taken of things that are familiar to me from either my childhood or from mundane repetition/ritual. The footage will be edited fairly simply in final cut pro to overlap and mix together (i will set opacity at about 50%) to create a sort of dreamlike montage of disjointed memories and sensations.
However this edit will not form the final video project for DIS - I will be projecting this footage through a projector and onto my body in a studio setting. The background will be fully lit behind me so that none of the projection spills off my body and onto the background - this will contain the images to my body alone and hopefully create a sort of illusion where images are moving over my body. I will film this performance and this footage will form my final video artwork.

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