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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Edited Footage for Projection

This is a cut from the finished footage I plan to project onto my body - it would have taken ages to upload the whole half hour of video, but you get the idea re: editing, style etc. excuse the terrible web quality!

I will probably cut down the final video so that it's not so long, or perhaps speed it up.
Two camera angles will be used:
1) a close up on my face (or perhaps shoulders up)
2) a long shot of my whole body

I ill be wearing plain neutral coloured clothes, and am thinking of perhaps wrapping my face in a scarf so my facial features (eyes, mouth etc) don't distract from the video, which I'm predicting might be a little difficult to make out once it's projected onto a distorted surface. I'll need to experiment in the studio to see what works best!

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